higher education marketing, reputation management

Reputation Management – Why it Matters for Higher Education Marketing

higher education marketing, reputation management

Why Does Reputation Management Matter
for Higher Education Marketing?

Savvy higher education marketing leaders understand that organizational reputation is one of the most important asset schools have.  According to research by Weber Shandwick, as much as 60% of market value is attributed to company reputation and damage to brand reputation tops the list of risks to organizations around the world. 

In an environment of instant digital information and simmering unrest, colleges and universities must prioritize reputation management and consider it an investment in growing the value of the institution.  It is not a single task fix and should be permanently integrated into higher education marketing budgets and strategies.

Once something negative is posted online, it is a challenge to higher education marketing, reputation management servicesmanage it appropriately.  If an issue must be litigated, it can be a very lengthy process. It is a far better strategy to control the digital space around the institution’s brand and leadership which requires quality content marketing.  It should also include visibility for leadership, positioning each leader as a subject matter expert.

Higher Education Marketing Teams on High Alert

Google can be considered a reputation management tool, and social media channels can be leveraged to control reputations in Google searches.  Monitoring the brand and leadership names is key to reputation control.  There must be a strategy in place to monitor and address all negative information that is published, including a crisis communication plan.

The above is a high level overview of the importance of reputation management for colleges and universities, as well as brief conversation of what should be managed by higher education marketing teams. There is an interesting article on Inside Higher Ed about ways to build loyalty with constituents to help prevent discontent.

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