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Digital Marketing for Schools – Fix Your Website

It’s amazing how just a few tweaks to your school website can improve your enrollment numbers.  Digital marketing for schools should always start with the understanding that your website is the “engine” that all of your marketing efforts should be driven by.

As Parent and Student Demographics Change, Digital Marketing for Schools Needs to Adjust

Today’s parents conduct their research on schools online.  College students absolutely do the same.  Your school needs to be found by parents and students who do not know your school’s name.  And, when they find your website, you have about three seconds to convince them to stay and look at the information you provide.  It’s why digital marketing for schools is so crucial to growing enrollment.

Make Your Website Work Harder

Elevate Education Marketing offers informative online webinars to help schools grow enrollment by maximizing their website’s performance in attracting and converting new prospective students.  In our webinars, we emphasize a few key sections and adjustments that are not time consuming or expensive.  The “Make Your Website Work Harder” webinar is just one of the free, informative tools we offer schools to grow enrollment.  The website webinar is a critical one to attend as you focus on digital marketing for schools.

Not Registered Yet for the Digital Marketing for Schools Webinar Series?

Register Now for the Upcoming “Making Your Website Work Harder” Webinar

When you register for the free 60 minute webinar, the benefits of attending include:

  • Identifying critical mistakes
  • A takeaway action plan
  • Adding conversion tactics
  • A chance to win a free website review valued at $750.00
  • Immediate access to download free marketing white papers and checklists on digital marketing for schools
Digital marketing for schools website webinar

Meet Your Instructor

Since 2001, Vickie Isaac has been serving clients that make a difference in our world. She holds a Masters Degree in Education, and been an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University and Colorado Christian University, teaching marketing, leadership, psychology and sociology classes. Vickie has served multi-national non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational entities, helping them grow their organizational impact for good.  You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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