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"Education Growth Planning -Setting & Achieving Smart Goals"   FREE Webinar - Limited Space,  Register Now!   Fri. Dec. 10th, 10am CST “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry RSVP for Elevate Education Marketing's upcoming webinar, "Growth Planning - Setting and Achieving Smart Goals".  It's only an hour, it's free, and you will come away with downloadable templates to immediately implement your strategies.  The webinar will equip you to set SMART (specific, attainable, aspirational, realistic, and time-bound) goals paired with action plans that increase accountability, keeping your team on task and on time.Plus, the first 20 RSVP's will be entered to win a FREE website home page makeover to increase lead c ...

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Digital Marketing for Schools – Fix Your Website

It's amazing how just a few tweaks to your school website can improve your enrollment numbers.  Digital marketing for schools should always start with the understanding that your website is the "engine" that all of your marketing efforts should be driven by.As Parent and Student Demographics Change, Digital Marketing for Schools Needs to AdjustToday's parents conduct their research on schools online.  College students absolutely do the same.  Your school needs to be found by parents and students who do not know your school's name.  And, when they find your website, you have about three seconds to convince them to stay and look at the information you provide.  It's why digital marketing for schools is so crucial to growing enrollment.Make Yo ...

education marketing strategy

Education Marketing Strategies for Lead to Enrollment

Let's just say that...your education marketing strategy includes increasing web traffic, and you have worked hard on driving traffic. Your hard work is paying off, and traffic is ticking up. Looking at a Google Analytics traffic report even gives you the warm fuzzies. You might even treat yourself to a Starbucks Trenta to celebrate! Congrats on a job well done! And no bubble bursting intended, but having lots of site traffic is only as good as your ability to convert that traffic. And converting from website visitor to lead is also awesome! However, even that valued lead is only worth something if you can convert the lead to a new student! That is the end goal of education marketing, right?  Education Marketing Strategy Ducks ...

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Digital Marketing for Schools Includes Reputation Management

Digital Marketing for Schools Includes Reputation Management on Google Digital marketing for schools must include reputation management for educational leaders.  You have to be living under a rock to be unaware of how reputations are trashed in a day, regardless of the truth of online content.  Schools need to protect their name, their brand, and their leaders' reputation.  When your team starts to put their school digital marketing plan in place, make sure they include a reputation management scan. This first place to start is on Google, because that is where most people start their online searches.  Below are tips for managing your Google search results.  Scan the first 3 pages of Google search results - most ...

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A “Plan to Win” School Marketing Strategy During Uncertainty

A "Plan to Win" School Marketing Strategy During Uncertainty Can the "Plan to Win" strategy inform school marketing strategies?  Skinner said, “I told people, never, ever take the Plan to Win down and leave it down—do whatever it takes to replace it“. People might see that and think, ‘Oh, Plan to Win’s down. There must be a change strategically.’” Who is Skinner and why does it matter? Do you recognize Big Mac? Or Quarter Pounder with Cheese? You guessed it - the golden arches brand of McDonald's. As McDonald's CEO, Skinner spearheaded McDonald's growth through the recession. His "Plan to Win" marketing strategy was relentless - it kept the corporation focused despite global economic shifts. They incorporated the 5 P ...

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Education Marketing Strategy Needs Flour and Eggs First

Dazzle Me With Your Marketing Strategy How many of us feel compelled to do the "dazzle" with our 2022 education marketing strategies to justify our budgets or worse yet, our salaries? A successful marketing strategy will view the dazzle in the same way we view the icing on our favorite cake - it's the tastiest part but it is also the smallest part of our beloved dessert. New education marketing strategies or plans also shouldn't necessarily be "new" in the purest sense of the word. If they are brand new, that means nothing we did the previous year worked. It also means that none of the data, or analytical insights yielded valuable information that allowed us to improve our strategies in the previous year. If tha ...

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Chicken or Egg – Effective Education Marketing Strategy

Chicken or Egg? It depends on how savvy your education marketing strategy really is. Many marketing firms would say CHICKEN.  A truly insightful education marketing firm would see the correct answer as YES, or IT DEPENDS. On what, you ask? What time is it? Are you hungry? Health conscious? For me, it depends on time of day. For dinner, I will take a great piece of fried chicken any day over a tiny, lonely egg. My felt need at 5 pm is DINNER but at 6:00 am, I pick the egg. Enter #marketingtrends - programmatic marketing. A silly illustration to describe an important digital marketing trend is micro-targeting based on programmatic capabilities. All important info that we consider for our education marketing strategies.  For e ...

Elevate Education Marketing expresses thankfulness to veterans

Elevate Education Marketing Thanks You For Your Service

At Elevate Education Marketing, We Recognize That Freedom Isn't Free Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force - no matter what branch of the U.S. military, the sacrifice is more than the average citizen comprehends.  Danger, hardship, separation from family, loss of friends, and other haunting memories that often come from serving in dangerous places around the world - our brave men and women who serve and their families that support them are changed for a lifetime. Thank you doesn't begin to express the gratitude that the staff at Elevate Education Marketing feels for our veterans.  It is because of your selfless sacrifice that we are the safest and most prosperous nation on planet earth.  We salute you.