Cartwright School District Enrollment Campaign

Thank you for the opportunity to present a proposal to enroll kindergarten students in the Cartwright School District.  Elevate Education would be honored to serve your school district as you serve students and families with excellence. 

As you review this proposal, please keep in mind that pricing is based on averages from running similar digital enrollment campaigns.  The information is very specific in terms of cost per lead and cost per student enrollment.  This is a more specific approach that is based on data and research.  It is a different model than many marketing organizations utilize that showcase the number of impressions they can deliver, without the data to illustrate the cost of leads or enrollments, which are the metrics that really matter.

While you might receive proposals that are lower in cost, we have the experience from past enrollment campaigns and the research to present factual, realistic metrics that present actual costs to hit actually hit your goal of 1,000 new kindergarten students.   We won’t give you a low ball proposal just to win your business, and then not deliver on your goals.  No smoke and mirrors here, just facts.

We are available if you have questions and are standing by ready to serve!