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Digital Marketing for Schools Includes Reputation Management

Digital Marketing for Schools Includes Reputation Management on Google

Digital marketing for schools must include reputation management for educational leaders.  You have to be living under a rock to be unaware of how reputations are trashed in a day, regardless of the truth of online content.  Schools need to protect their name, their brand, and their leaders’ reputation. 

When your team starts to put their school digital marketing plan in place, make sure they include a reputation management scan. This first place to start is on Google, because that is where most people start their online searches.  Below are tips for managing your Google search results.

  1.  Scan the first 3 pages of Google search results – most people don’t look any deeper than that.  If someone really has an axe to grind against you, you may need to search deeper.
  2. Search your name and any derivatives of your name.
  3. Follow up with a Google search of your organization’s name.
  4. Delete anything that is negative that you are able to delete.
  5. Respond to anything that is negative with the truth if there is a place to comment.

If you find negative content about your school or school leaders, the next step is to push the content off the first three pages with search engine optimized content that you create and publish online.  This is a standard component of smart digital marketing for schools. 

We Can Help With Online Marketing for Schools

This is a very simplistic overview of reputation management online. Want to know more about professional reputation management?  Download our complimentary Reputation Management checklist.  We also invite you to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with us.  We would love to hear about your organization’s goals and challenges.  Go HERE to schedule a consultation.

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Thought Leadership Content Marketing for Schools

Content Marketing for Schools
Why Thought Leadership is so Important
for Educational Leaders and Organizations

It Builds Trust,
Name Awareness,
And Grows Enrollment

content marketing for schools

What Unique Insights
Can You Offer?

88% of Educational Leaders Believe
Thought Leadership
Enhances Organizational Perception

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content marketing for schools

Thought Leadership Content Marketing for Schools Increases Brand Awareness,
Prestige, and Website Traffic

Research illustrates that well researched and written thought leadership pieces published online can increase name awareness, website traffic, and drive enrollments. One article for a university enjoys 35,000 reads annually on the school’s website, and generates 30-40 enrollment inquiries.  Content marketing positively impacts school branding and protects professional leadership reputations.

According to Decision Makers,
Thought Leadership is Used to
Vet Capabilities 71% of the Time.

71% of decision makers confirm that reading thought leadership is the best way to ascertain the calibre of an organization and has positively impacted buying decisions. 60% of decision-makers are willing to pay a premium for services when a organization is deemed of higher quality as a result of this type of content marketing for schools.

We Provide Content Marketing for Schools

Most decision makers spend at least 1 hour per week consuming thought leadership articles, yet only 17% believe that thought leadership content being produced is high quality.  This creates a substantial opportunity to step in and lead.

Elevate Education Marketing provides high quality content marketing for schools.  We can ghost write or assist leaders in producing thought leadership articles and getting them published.  Where an article is published impacts the effectiveness of the article.

Too busy to manage your thought leadership content?

Elevate Education Marketing has the expertise
to position you  as an education thought leader.

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Article Data Source: Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study