We help schools grow enrollment while lowering new student acquisition costs. 


  1. We provide extensive research about your prospective students.
  2. Research directs the marketing messaging and channels.
  3. We collect data to continuously improve, and report results.
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private school marketing

Researching Private School Marketing Companies?
Our Proprietary Data Driven Marketing Strategy
Delivers Exceptional Enrollment Results

Full Service
Private School Marketing

Elevate Education Marketing is a full service marketing company that helps private schools grow enrollment.
Digital marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, outdoor marketing, local TV and radio, print advertising, creative design, content marketing, and public relations. We have the expertise and the results to prove it.

Digital Marketing
For Private Schools

Want digital marketing for private schools that drives enrollment? We use research driven, proprietary marketing strategy to drive enrollment leads that convert to students. One client grew 75% in year one while reducing acquisition cost by 64%! Be sure to check our client success stories!

Print Advertising
For Private Schools

Print ads can be an effective outreach for private school marketing if they are based on research. Newspaper, magazine, direct mail, brochures, collateral for trade shows - we have the expertise to deliver what you need. The same proprietary data driven marketing strategy agency processes informs print marketing strategy to positively impact results.

Social Media Marketing for Private Schools

Elevate Education Marketing maximizes the opportunities that social media offer. Our social media marketing for private schools drives leads as well as increases traffic to websites. Content strategy should proceed posting to maximize results.

Creative Design
For Private School Marketing

Our services include branding, print and digital design. We use detailed demographic research to inform the creative process. Creative design must resonate with your target audiences.   Response rates are higher when creative is informed by research.

Website Design
For Private Schools

Looking good isn't enough. Your website should be the engine to drive enrollment leads. Effective marketing strategies and search engine optimization are built in to our clients' websites, plus a mobile responsive design to connect with on the go parents.

What Our Private and Charter School Clients Have to Say...

Our proprietary private school marketing strategy always begins with thorough research. Research pinpoints optimal target audiences, affinities, competition, effective media channels, and even drives the creative, including messaging and imaging. We make sure that our clients’ marketing budgets are spent on delivering results instead of a trial and error process so we don't waste your money or your time.
Vickie Isaac, M.Ed
Vickie Isaac, M.Ed

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There are no shortcuts. An effective marketing strategy is very detailed – like a jigsaw puzzle.  No matter what private education marketing company you talk to, don’t spend a dime without reviewing the research that should back the recommendations.  Anyone can launch an advertising campaign for you, but we have the track record to prove that our proprietary, research focused marketing strategy agency approach saves our clients time and money while delivering exceptional results.

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