We help schools grow enrollment while lowering new student acquisition costs. 


  1. We provide extensive research about your prospective students.
  2. Research directs the marketing messaging and channels.
  3. We collect data to continuously improve, and report results.


Make Every Marketing Dollar Count
With Our Scientific Approach
That Maximizes Responses

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What We Do . . .
Our Marketing For Schools
Delivers Exceptional Results

Digital Marketing
Education Services

Our comprehensive digital marketing for schools is research driven and delivers exceptional results. Paid search advertising, search engine optimization, video marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media - if it is digital, we have the digital marketing strategy expertise to deliver strong ROI.

Digital Marketing for Schools
Google Ads Certified

Our expert digital marketing for schools includes being Google AdWords certified. Our team is well trained to optimize digital marketing campaigns on all digital channels where target personas are consuming information. Effective digital marketing requires a great deal of research, testing, and campaign management. Our team won't settle for mediocre results.

Video and E-Mail
School Marketing

Lead generation, list management, e-mail list segmentation, personalization, split testing, landing pages, conversion rates - you name it, we are on top of it. And using video is critical to marketing for schools because it increases engagement. Our education clients enjoy tremendous results.

Social Media Marketing
For Schools

Our clients don't tweet just to hear themselves chirp. Social media marketing for schools is a part of the big picture digital marketing mix. Social media needs to be personalized and provide quality content to address the "why" someone should connect to you. Our social media marketing strategies increase brand awareness, loyalty, and revenue.

Creative Design
For School Marketing

An often overlooked component in marketing for schools is the need for compelling creative design. This includes stand out branding, website graphics, ad and social media content design. Demographic research should inform the creative process to resonate with your target audiences and increase response rates.

Strategic Website Design
Key to Digital Marketing
For Education

You have about 30 seconds to keep someone on your website. Looking good isn't enough. A key part of our digital marketing strategy for education is integrating marketing into websites to maximize outcomes. It should be more than just a website build - your website should be your marketing engine.

We say that Elevate Education Marketing is half science, half art. The truth is that the science always has to precede the art. Effective digital marketing for schools begins with thorough research. Research pinpoints optimal target audiences, affinities, competition, effective media channels, and even drives the creative including messaging and imaging. As an adjunct professor, I am passionate about the impact high quality education can make on people and society. It's why we launched Elevate Education Marketing.

Elevate Education Marketing is a division of Elevate Marketing LLC, a full service marketing agency with deep expertise and experience. We provide a research focused, analytics based approach to education marketing that insures our clients’ marketing budgets are spent on delivering results instead of a trial and error process.


It's About The Data

School marketing strategy should be informed by metrics. Metrics create an ever improving process that delivers exceptional ROI.

Marketing for education is all about strategy.  No matter what school marketing agency you talk to, don’t spend a dime without the research to back the recommendations.  Anyone can launch marketing campaigns for schools, but at Elevate Education Marketing, our research focused approach saves our education clients time and money while delivering exceptional results. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook for digital marketing strategy insights.Take advantage of our NEWS articles as well, where we not only discuss digital marketing strategy, but offer insights for leaders to maximize their professional and organizational influence.
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