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Now You’re Talking – a Higher Ed Marketing Viewpoint

higher ed marketing

Allow us a few moments to help change the narrative with our higher ed marketing viewpoint.  Let’s begin.


“Don’t talk to me that way…”

Yep, that’s right. It’s because I’m 22 and I don’t want your salesy shmooze. Just give me a video of real people telling the truth. Or, it’s because I’m a 64 year old man and I don’t respond to “whatever” and “LOL”. Just give me facts. It could be that I’m a 36 mom for whom multi-tasking is a way of life and I don’t have time to read four paragraphs of product descriptions, particularly in Times New Roman size 10.  Do these scenarios impact your communications strategy for higher ed marketing?

If you don’t communicate effectively, your message will turn people off. Effective communication requires asking the right questions. EVERY higher education organization can improve its communications and marketing messaging. 

Years of Higher Ed Marketing Experience

Our education marketing agency has years of experience testing effective communications.  We can help your messaging resonate with your audience.

The next question – how can you improve if you don’t know WHAT questions to ask or WHO you are talking to? And WHO can answer the “WHAT” and “WHO” questions accurately? There are two logical answers – the people that actually interact with the prospective student or parent and the data that the already enrolled student interactions generate.  This data plus robust demographic, sociographic, and psychographic research will help you create target personas with important information on who you are communicating with and how they prefer to be communicated to. 

It’s not just style of writing or choice of graphics.  It impacts choosing the right marketing channels and creating the appropriate lead generation and lead follow up strategies.

Reviewing your higher education offerings, matching prospective students, researching the matches, creating target personas, higher ed marketing strategies by appropriate channels, building an effective lead nurturing plan, and a customer journey map to move the prospective student forward from lead to enrollment are all important growth processes.  The best laid out plans, however, will fall flat with ineffective, generic communication that does not motivate.  You can read more about our higher ed marketing services HERE.


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